Roberto Salas Hernández

Software Engineer


Experienced Full Stack Engineer with over ten years of extensive experience in web application development across diverse technologies. Known for automating processes to drive efficiency and productivity. Demonstrated success in executing complex projects and delivering high-quality solutions. Ready to contribute effectively to a forward-thinking team with an innovative mindset and technical expertise.




Full Stack Developer

  • Developed over 15 headless applications using various tech stacks for companies such as Nike, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Envu, and others.
  • Transitioned the agency's administrative functions from to a fully customized CRM application developed from scratch, managing over 1300 projects within the platform.
  • Created a tailored training platform for more than 50 retail stores nationwide.


Full Stack Developer

  • Migrated the leading Spanish-speaking automotive site in the U.S. from a shared server to a comprehensive AWS solution, handling over 5 million visits per month.
  • Achieved a perfect score of 100 on Lighthouse for the frontend, ensuring the site is one of the fastest in the industry.
  • Fully developed an administrative file management system on AWS S3, significantly reducing licensing costs compared to Dropbox.
  • Integrated over 30 services from various platforms, including major advertisers like Toyota and NBC.
  • Maintained a 99% uptime for the site.
2018 - 2019

Universidad TecnolĂłgica de Huejotzingo

Head of Information Technology

  • Directed and resolved communication and computer equipment issues.
  • Initiated the rewriting of the main university system, adopting modern technologies, improving system reliability.


2020 - 2022

Master's Degree in Informatic Security

Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

PL. 13012554

2020 - 2021

Master's Degree in Data Science

Universidad TecnolĂłgica en LĂ­nea

PL. 12812495

2009 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Computing Science Engineer

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

PL. 11839022




Python JavaScript PHP SQL Bash Golang

Frontend Frameworks

HTML/CSS Vue.js (2 & 3) Nuxt Astro Electron

Backend Frameworks

Flask Express WordPress


Git, Github & Gitlab Linux (Ubuntu) Docker Cloudflare AWS (EC2, S3) Digital Ocean


Cybersecurity Data Science Computer Vision API Design